Friday, June 8, 2012

Pizza and a Movie

John accidentally bought bologna instead of ham. He fried it up for lunch.  We had sandwiches with the same hot dog buns we had at our picnic.  They were so good, that I asked where our missionary friends had bought them.  They are found in the open market where there are literally hundreds of vendors.  And on our own, Rachel and I found the one vendor who sells them.  :)
I think we were both tired in this picture.  It seemed as if our Little One was
under the weather.  And he had a few scratches on his face as you can see.
What's that all about I wondered.
Did I mention that I can't wait to get him home?  I can't wait till there are no more visitations, no more drop offs, no more till tomorrows.
Our Big Boy is more and more interested to look at the photo album we brought.  He can't figure out why he is not in the pictures.  He loves when John names all the people in the pictures.
Rachel took this picture.  We both think it is such a cute picture of Big Boy.
He really is this happy!
We went for a nice walk around the baby house grounds.
Both the boys enjoyed it very much.
After about an hour, Big Boy was ready to go back to his groupa.  It made me sad that he actually seemed to prefer being with his groupa today.  But having adopted before, I can understand this and so we took him up.  His groupa, for the exception of our visits for the last two weeks, is all he knows.  They all speak the language he is familiar with, and he seems to love being with the other kids.  Totally understandable.  

John asked again for a microwave.  Finally he was told to meet the landlady down at the corner where he would walk to another apartment with her to get one.  Here he is walking back with it in hand.
Later he carried my "useless" laptop to the Center where we met up with friends of our missionary friends who took it to try and fix it for us so I would have it when John left in a few days.
When John tried to get "a quote" the guy seemed very uncomfortable to name a price.  When John insisted, the guy finally suggested twenty grivna.  About $2.50.
What a servant's heart.  Of course John and I would like to bless him with more, but we both thought it was very nice of him to suggest so little.
We went to visit the older kids orphanage/Internat.
The kids were happy to see all of us.
I got to see the girls' room on the fourth floor.
Here is where the kids watch tv and movies.  Since our last visit a few days ago, they changed the furniture layout.
This is where we watched Bridge to Terabithia.
This is the cafeteria.
We made pizzas with the kids.  Sergei next to Rachel has the biggest crush in case you can't tell. 
The kids handed their pizzas to the kitchen staff so they could bake
them in the oven.
The kids enjoyed their pizza very much!
Today is our daughter Sveta's birthday.  Can you believe she is 15?  Wow!


  1. No, can't believe Sveta's that old. How is Rachel doing? What is coming back to her? She looks so happy in all the photos - no angst, or tinge of homesickness.... (I mean I feel "homesick" just seeing the photos; I love Russia...OK - the former Soviet Union, so much!)

  2. Loving all the posts and I agree...Love the photo of 'big boy' that Rachel took. I hope you are able to get your computer back soon. :) HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY SVETA!!! HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING YEAR!!!

  3. So glad you are still trucking along. Can't wait til court and things get moving again. FB me or email and let me know how best to converse. Need to catch you up and when John leaves and you have some time we can "talk"!

  4. I love the smiles!!! Can't wait for you to be able to bring the boys home!

  5. Did you celebrate your birthday? Love the photo of big guy's laughter!
    Praying for your and your continued progress!

  6. Such happy boys.

    Such an adventure.... carrying a microwave :-). You always seem to make the best of any situation.

  7. Blessed Birthday, Sveta =) I hope your day was wonderful, hon. Christine, John and Rachel - I am praying for y'all every day. Sorry your court date was delayed, but am faithful His plan will be so glorifying \o/ Enjoying the pics. Much love and many hugs, Elaine

  8. Lovely pics. Takes me back! Does Rachel speak Russian still???

    S. Michelle in NY

  9. Hello Christine and John and Rachel !!
    Looks like you are all having a wonderful time bonding with those beautiful children.
    My gosh how they are blessed.
    I've just been catching up and am so happy things are going well.
    God bless,
    Lisa aka mommytoalot

  10. Hi! The microwave being carried on John's shoulders looks so common in the Ukraine not as common in the U>S>A>Hope to see your postings of the boys in America soon when you get back to America. Pat


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