Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 25

Today is Saturday.  The weather is so much cooler that it is hard not to find a reason to smile.  I must have told Rachel 40 or 50 times how nice the weather is today.  Praising God!  Though we woke up late, we made it to the bus stop in record time.  The other adoptive family that is here couldn't join us at this time, but Rachel and I still went to the baby house.  Just as we got to the bus stop, the bus we needed, 110A, pulled up.  Talk about perfect timing. :)

It was so nice to see the boys after court.  Now that I am officially their Mama, it feels different to see them.   Not that I didn't feel in my heart that I was their Mama from the moment we met them, but now that we have declared to the judge that yes these boys have value, yes we want them to be part of our family, and yes we will love them always-- it feels more certain that these boys are here just temporary.
After the 10 day mandatory waiting period, we will get to leave the baby house with the boys forever!
They are orphans no more!

When we first got to the baby house we asked for the music room key.  When we got up there, it was very hot and I didn't feel brave enough to help ourselves to the air conditioner.  Thankfully one of the caretakers understood what I was politely asking for and they turned it on for us.

Nolan and Oliver were very excited to see us.

We tried painting with Nolan with Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder Fingerpaints.  Trust me, it wasn't mess free.  If you call getting a petroleum like goop all over everything you touch "mess free" then you're crazy. :)
 Thankfully I happened to buy some wet wipes at the open market right before we got there.

With John nowhere in sight, Nolan was definitely testing the waters this morning.  He spilled out his water-- twice.  The second time I gave him a 2 minute time-out on my lap.  After that he was fine with the water.  Then he hit Oliver (not hard but still) and I reminded him that we don't do that.  About five minutes later, he hit Rachel.  That was another time-out on my lap.  This time it wasn't as pleasant as the first one since he realized I wasn't playing around. After that I didn't see anymore hitting.  Then the other adoptive family came with the little girl they are adopting.  Things were going fine until Nolan did something again that he knew he shouldn't.  I had him sit on my lap for a third 2 minute timeout and this time he had a meltdown.  I think a light bulb went off when he realized I meant business. He started crying loudly, but I remained firm.  After I let him off my lap he continued his little tantrum on the floor.  It wasn't really even a tantrum but more like a lay on the floor in total defeat and sulk fest.  I picked him up and asked him if he wanted to go back to his groupa since I know that he enjoys being with the other kids and is probably tired of hearing me speak horrible Russian/ English to him.  He nodded yes, and I told him that after he helped put away the toys we would go.  At first he didn't want any part of it, but I kept up the expectation that if he wanted to go back to his groupa he needed to help clean up.  After a minute, he decided to help and then I told him we could walk back to his groupa.  I asked him to hold my hand, which he had no problem doing.  We walked back and he gave me a hug and blew me a kiss.  Any hard feelings were long forgotten as we blew kisses to each other.

Even though it was not easy, I was incredibly happy how the visit played out.  I know he is testing me and learning what is and what is not acceptable.  He is very smart and wants to know exactly what the boundaries are.  I think that is wonderful.  I prefer he do it now rather than doing it all on the trip home.

I got to feed Oliver again and love on the other babies in his groupa.   That room is sure loud at feeding time.  This may sound crazy, but I can't wait to hear Oliver's cry.  I have heard almost every other baby's cry, but not Ollie's.  He is such a content baby from what we can see.  That, or he has figured out that his cries go unanswered.  Either way, I can't wait.

After our visit and a rest back at the apartment, Rachel and I went to the big open market.  We found some great deals on coffee, candy for the kids back home, and deodorant.  With the cooler weather we actually took the time to explore more of the open market.  We found the pet section with live birds and guinea pigs, and the fishing section.  We found the huge home improvement section too!  I plan to take lots of 
pictures. . .  now if I could only figure out how to upload them to my computer.


  1. This is so great. I am curious if you feel more comfortable now that court is over to take on the responsibility as mom even though they are still at the orphanage.

    What I mean is I noticed when you first got there you seemed either timid or perhaps not wanting to offend anyone. Like when you fed baby boy his kashi. Or put down for a nap and changed him. I was suprised that you had not fed him before that. Or when he had scratches on his face and you "wondered what that was all about" Why didn't you just ask?

    I was curious if the staff treat you like you are their "parents to be" or do they keep a distance? they have any influence on court and maybe that is why you wait for their lead or permission to take pics and feed, change, discipline your sons. I was just curious. They obviously know you are there to adopt the boys. Maybe some people come and change their minds so the staff if not super friendly? Maybe they speak Russian and it is easier to let them do most of the care taking? Maybe you just stay out of the way of their routine? Just curious. Again , I find all of this so fascinating having only domestically adopted.

    SOOOOOO happy for you all! God Bless!

    Have you figured a way we can help Sasha??


  2. That is so cool hoe Nolan is learning!!! Sorry that he hit Rachel and Oliver but he is learning at least!! I miss you guys and am praying for you to come home soon!!!

  3. I am SO happy you are getting to spend some time with the other babies :) Enjoy the rest of your time in Ukraine and soon enough you will all be home together as a family.

  4. That does sound like such a wonderful opprotunity to lay some ground rules, so to speak, in an almost laboratory-like atmosphere! No other kids, distractions, interruptions, scheduling issues... Oliver is so cute, maybe he doesn't cry because they always give him attention. I would; he's precious.

  5. Congratulations so happy for you and the boys!!!

  6. I have been away for the wekeend and just got back and had to check! Sounds like things are going great! You handled Nolan awesomely and you are right, better now he know you mean business then on a plane!
    I really think he is going to fit in great in your family and Oliver..well, he is just a lil bundle of scrunchy huggie love...I know I alwasy say it but I jus can not wait to see them in the midet of the Reeds at home!!

  7. Hi Christine! Cant wait to meet the two boys! I am curious can you take pics of the open market? Love reading this!

  8. yea, congratulations

    reading your previous posts it sounds like your boys are in a "better" orphanage with people who care.

  9. Hi! So happy for you and your beautiful boys! I wish you every possible happiness!

    However, I read something that concerned me - this blog post makes a few comments about Reece's Rainbow in the Ukraine, and I hope you haven't had any of that sort of trouble!


    This one spells things out a little clearer... I have to say if it's true, or even if absolutely not true, I would still be very careful were I you


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