Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally a Few Videos

It is so hot here! Riding on a marshootka for 25 minutes with hardly a breeze let alone air conditioning, doesn't help I'm sure. Honestly, we are so spoiled back home. Sure there is air conditioning here in cars and in homes, but not on any of the city buses we have been on. And when a bus designed to seat 15 has 30 people crammed in it, the temperature rises quite a bit. It is actually cooler to get out and walk.  When we first went to the babyhouse, I was concerned that the babies didn't have a cool place to sleep.  Thankfully the babyhouse has air conditioning in the "groupa" rooms .
The visits continue to get better and better with our boys.
Our Big Boy still wonders where he is in the pictures.
Our Little One is enjoying our attention and is blossoming as a result.  When we first met him, he laid face down when I put him on his tummy.
Now look at him!  He is rolling all over and scooting too!
When I held out my arms a few feet away he inched his way over.
Rachel noticed him rocking yesterday when she set him down next to her for a minute.  He stopped as soon as she resumed loving on him.  Right away she suggested that I spend extra time rocking him when we get home.  Can't wait!

Like I said earlier, it has been so hot here.  The caretakers set up 3 little swimming pools for the kids to play in.  Even though the water was warmed up and hardly refreshing, a few of the kids loved it!  As you will hear in one of the videos, a few of them did not!
Thankfully our Big Boy loves the water!  I think we need to get a little pool like this for all the little boys to play in. :)
Now on to the videos!


  1. Videos are great!!!! Boys are so sweet! Boy, are they gonna be loved on when they get home!!! Good luck with court!

  2. Hehehe, the videos are priceless and seeing the boys' new names on the video titles is a sweet bonus!

  3. Precious videos! But I think your video titles may have spilled the beans in the way of names...? ;) Thinking of you guys and praying that all goes well with court.
    Jenn & Zack

  4. We put pictures of the girls from our referral into our family photo books and they loved them! Maybe slip a picture of him and baby brother into the front!
    Looks like all is going well. Enjoy the time; don't fret about what you can't help on the home front.
    Blessings, Sherry

  5. Won't it confuse Doyle to change his name to Nolan?

    1. Hi Anonymous, I can't speak for Christine and John, but I can tell you how my family changed my name when I was adopted. I was born in Ethiopia and my birth name is strange to people - it sounds like a not-so-nice word in English when Americans say it!

      Anyway, my parents gave me a new American name for a first name, and they kept my birth name as my middle name. At first, they called me by both my first and middle name together. When people started calling me by just my first name, I understood what they meant and I was not confused at all.

      I am glad my parents changed my first name because it helped me fit in better in America and not get teased.

    2. Yes that is a good point, but Doyle isn't that abnormal of a name. I agree with anonymous.

    3. Doyle isn't his real name anyway. The names on the Reece's Rainbow site are pseudonyms to protect the child's privacy.

    4. I added a first name for my son and kept his Russian name. He still goes by the Russian one though. It is actually a girls name in English speaking worlds---Karen, pronounced Kah-ren.

      I find it funny now that I know my childs name from RR was not his given name, because how many Troy's can there really be in Russia.

      My sister is hoping to adopt a RR child and has started the homestudy process but not yet committed as she is single and first time adopter...GO SIS. Anyway she was shocked when I told her Tobias was not likely to be his given name! I searched him in Russian data base and found him....that database does use unchanged names--but nearly impossible to find a specific child without referral information.


  6. So, their names are Oliver and Nolan?? :)

  7. So glad to hear you got the documents you needed. The boys are adorable. I love their names is there a special reason you picked them? Cant wait to read more about your adventure. Love to you all and prayers for everything to go smoothly and timely.

    Sarah Goeken

  8. I loved all videos. Boys are so adorable! Thank you for sharing! Praying for your court date!

  9. They are SO adorbale!!! I just want to squeeze them!!!!
    Christine, I Honestly can not wait til you are home! Will it be before July 13th? At that time I am going away and will have very erratic internet til August 20th..but I so want to see them in thier home!!!...

  10. Congratulations! What great names :) Love all of the videos <3

  11. Hi!What ever the babies names they are so cute and are really a Reed. Pat


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