Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wednesday, Day 11 in Region

The wind blew away the dark rain clouds and yesterday turned out to be the hottest day yet for us.   John went to get a train ticket back to Kiev for Thursday evening.  Please pray that he does not have to turn it in for refund.
Court is supposed to be tomorrow.

Our visits with the boys have been going well.
Our Big Boy gets so excited when he is playing with us that he has tripped twice now.  The first time was 2 days ago.  He bonked his forehead above his eye.  He was okay but John took him to get ice.  Strike One.
Then yesterday he tripped when Rachel was chasing him and got a bloody nose.  John was the one to take him again.  Strike two.  This time the caretakers/ nurse scolded John and our Big Boy. 
Be careful!

They put some white cream all over his nose and forehead.  I got a picture but since my computer crashed, I wasn't able to upload pictures.  While checking out our Big Boy's nose, I used the opportunity to look in his mouth.  The head director told us that he has had two surgeries.  Surely one of them included fixing his palate.  Nope.  His cleft is bigger than Dennis' was. 
I guess he will be having surgery soon after he gets home.  No wonder he does not talk very much.  He tries, but he just can't articulate very well.
Today we are going on a picnic to the river.  I am looking forward to it.
I also found out that another adoptive family is coming in a few days.  Yay!

Thank you for lifting us up in prayer. 
I'm still looking into how to get sponsorship to Sasha.  I think he is speechless that people who don't even know him would be kind and loving enough to help him.  Thank you.


  1. Praying you have your court on time. Our internet is so slow, it takes 5-10 minutes to load one page. Please pray that we have our papers sign today, and than we will have our court Friday. I guess it does take longer to process all the paperwork here , in Kiev. God Bless you

  2. Christine, I have been reading every day and am parying the court date goes thru without a hitch....So excited to just see you guys home already!!!
    Hugs, Gina

  3. They boys are so adorable and they look like they will fit right in with your family. We will be praying for your court to happen and to pass...So that John can leave for home.

  4. Praying that there are no more "whoops" moments for the caretakers to scold you! Praying for your court date too! What a blessing to have another family soon to share your experiences with! I am on my way to your USA neck of the woods today and will be there through Friday. I will wave at your house as I pass the exit on the highway...

  5. Hey,

    They need to ease up on Big Boy and you. I trip easy too. In fact, this morning on my walk about, I tripped on a stone or a sprinkler head or something! Lucky I was able to balance myself out of it! I don't want to admit this, but I have to wrap my ankles in Ace Bandage for support when I go out to jog/walk!! the poor little guy probably has weak ankles like me!!

    Jennifer Duzmanovich
    Yucaipa, CA

  6. my ankles turn in for no reason a lot! the wrapping helps a lot!

    Jennifer Duzmanovich

  7. Praying for you guys! May it all go smoothly and may your hearts continue to trust in a sovereign Lord! Your friends in Christ, the Swan family.


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