Saturday, June 23, 2012

Instead of Pictures

I woke up really early this morning.  I just couldn't go back to sleep.  I am feeling really homesick.  Rachel is just bored.  Thankfully, I was able to message with John, William, and Julia for a little bit.  Can you believe I haven't heard the kids' voices since we first left.  They will be music to my ears. . . for at least a while.

Since I am not able to post pictures, I thought that a video would be nice.  It is very short, and I certainly don't like how my mind goes blank once the camera's rolling, but at least Alex and Dennis will see their Mama and new brothers.
This video was taken a week ago, but I forgot about it.  Nolan is such a cutie!

Since it is Saturday here, the baby house was quiet.  There were hardly any kids outside when we got there.  We decided to go to the music room for a change.   Nolan colored and played with some ride on trucks while Oliver enjoyed a new treat we brought.  He ate at least half a dozen "palchikees" which are sweet melt in your mouth puffs that resemble fingers.    He even army crawled a few inches to get one in his mouth.

When it was time for Oliver to eat, I was happy to see that the nice caretakers were there.  Here was my chance.  I decided to pull out the cute baby bibs that I promised to pass out to the babies.  I explained the best I could and pulled out my camera.  As I tied the bibs on, Rachel was able to get lots of pictures!  This is perfect since there are 3 babies that I want to see get a family.  Of course I would love to see all of them find homes, but at this time only very few children are able to be adopted at such a young age and I am pretty sure they would qualify with their special needs.  Sorry I can't post the pictures now, but I will once we are back home.

On our way out, we saw Nolan again.  He was riding around on a little car.  Seeing him got me thinking.  For the most part, the kids here have nearly everything my kids back home have.  They have toys to play with.  They swim.  They take baths regularly.  They get to play outside.  They paint.  They color.  They have clean clothes.  They participate in children's programs.  They get plenty of food.  They get pushed around in strollers.  I can go one, but you get the point.  They are very well taken care of especially when I compare them to all of our other kids' orphanages.

And yet they are missing something.  Something that no one at the orphanage can provide for them.

A family.  A Mama and a Papa.  Brothers and sisters.

And it shows.  These kids still yearn for attention.  They reach out for us.  They run to us.    They wave and they yell hi.  And many of them rock back and forth despite the wonderful care they receive.  Why?  Because deep down they yearn for the closeness and intimacy that comes from being in a Mama's arms.  They need that.  They crave it.

And that is just something that an orphanage and it's caretakers cannot provide. . . and it shows.

Yes, we are blessed to have our boys. . . to see them everyday. . . and to know that in just a few days they will be leaving this place forever.  But that day cannot come soon enough.

Hoping and praying that this Wednesday is the day we get to bust them out forever!

P.S.  Rachel got to sweep and mop the stairwell on our floor.  We did it as a favor to our friends who are still away at camp.  For a while, she actually wasn't bored. :)


  1. How cute! :D All of them.

    Are those 3 babies legally available for adoption?

    I hope you will get to be home very very soon!

  2. The videos were precious! Thanks for sharing. Praying you home!

  3. If Rachel is bored maybe she would like to write a blog post about what she is seeing, likes, dislikes, about Nolan and Oliver, and whatever else she would like! That might keep her busy for a bit! :-) And Christine, I always look for your posts!

  4. Hi!I am sure being in another country where you really do not know a lot of people is hard on Rachal. But I am sure she is enjoying playing with the babies. They are so cute. Blessings Pat

  5. Oh Christine, I know you must miss your family terribly!! I am so sorry you have been so homesick. Just a short time longer! I have been meaning to post a comment for a week now about your sweet boys. It is interesting the discrepancy between baby homes. You boys are lucky to be at a well run home, even if the workers are still a little overworked. Thank you so much for your wonderful posts that give us a little window into life in Ukraine.

  6. Adorable videos! I was just wondering who all the adults were watching the music program. Were they caretakers?

  7. I just adore that little program! I'm so glad you shared it! It made my day!

  8. This orphanage seems like such a nice one as you shared. My older girls were watching the video and they made the same comment. So glad the boys have had better opportunities than some other orphanages...Praying you are home soon.

  9. Thank you for sharing those cute videos! I wish you all a lot of strength for the final phase until you can finally bring the boys home. I can imagine how homesick you must feel and that Rachel is bored is somewhat understandable, too. But soon, SOON, you will be home! I pray that everything moves forward as fast as possible. Keep your chin up, or as we say in Germany: Keep the ears stiff =)

    Kind regards,

  10. The videos were great, and your family is so adorable.

  11. Your new boys are SO CUTE!


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