Saturday, June 2, 2012

Like Day and Night

We started the day by going with our missionary friends to one of the orphanages out in the middle of nowhere. We drove in the van for over an hour to a place that very much reminded us of where we adopted Anastasia and Paul.
Our friends have been building a relationship with the children and caretakers for over 4 years now.  My first impression was how different it was compared to the baby house back in the city.  Like day and night, rich and poor-- these children seem to be out of sight out of mind to most of society.
Thankfully they are not forgotten by our friends who were warmly welcomed by the children there.  Since money is tight for the orphanage they house only true orphans or children whose parents are in jail or are truly unable to care for them.  With school out, many of the children having just graduated, the orphanage had only 19 children today. 
They were eager to play.
The kids crave attention and are very excited to play and do crafts.

Here is Sergey with our friend Forrest.
He is quite an amazing young man.
At 14 he is still very interested in making bracelets with the beads. 
So loving and such a good boy-- his smile and character spoke to me.
I was saddened to hear that he does smoke-- his role models being the older boys.
However, I believe that he would happily give up that habit to be in a family.
After crafts and 2nd breakfast, he joined in the bible study and read a couple of verses.
He did a very good job as did all the children.
This little girl named Nastia is so full of energy.  She loved jumping rope, and tried very hard to play badminton with me.  Here she is learning a new craft.
The kids enjoyed frosting cookies and adding sprinkles.
This brother and sister pair are new to the orphanage.  They believe that their mother is coming back for them.  I hope they are right. 
The time went by way too fast.  I sure hope to see them again before we leave.
The ministry that is taking place here is amazing.  Our friends have seen kids graduate and move on.  They still keep in touch with them.  They have built relationships with the caretakers too.  They are making such a difference for the children here who seem to be forgotten by most.  The orphanage itself is extremely run down and the lack of toys, furniture, lighting, nutritious food, and clothing is very apparent.
If you would like to get involved in helping support this ministry to improve the quality of life for these children please leave me a comment or email me.  I am sure there is a way to donate and get involved.
Later in the afternon we went to visit the boys.
The gate was locked and the grounds looked dreary but after we buzzed in, an old man came out to unlock the gate.  The orphanage looked nothing like it did yesterday-- it was quite depressing to see it so dark and quiet.  We made our way up to the boys' groupa to get them.  Even though it looked as if it might rain at any moment, they let us take the boys outside.
Is it just me, or are they getting cuter everyday?
Our Little One loved being outside listening to the leaves rustle in the wind.
Our Big Boy enjoyed playing in the sandbox with Papa.
As soon as we felt a drop we took the boys back in.  Good thing we did, because in a matter of minutes it was pouring down rain.  The visit ended well.
We still need prayer.  John still has asthma pretty bad.  The quicker he can get out of here, the better.  
Our kids back home are doing well, but we miss them so much.
I can't wait to see each of their faces.
Andrew told us that he cut his foot on the trampoline, but he is okay.
Alex has had terrific days at school.
The kids' last day of school is today.
Adam and Julia may have a tutoring job this summer.

I love hearing about what's going on back home.
Please pray for a speedy process so we can be reunited as a family with our two littlest boys.


  1. They ARE getting cuter everyday :) Praying for a very quick process.

  2. We will be praying!!! Great update!!!


  3. Christine, you might have already talked about this, but what is your timeline - do you have to wait 30 days after court until you can bring the boys home? Or will you be able to leave with the boys earlier than that as soon as court is over? And is Rachel staying with you to help bring the boys home? I hope that isn't too nosey.... Thanks! I am enjoying your story! :-) And the boys story!

  4. Hopefully John has a steroid inhaler? Perhaps he should be increasing his dose of that one? Please have him check with his doctor (by email?) Worrisome.

    The kids are ADORABLE! Congratulations :)

    MariaG (Canada)

  5. I'm out of town myself for a couple weeks, but am still reading your blog posts and praying for you every day. I hope things start to pan out soon! Your two new boys are sooo cute, and I can't wait to find out their real names ;).

  6. Praying for a speedy return home. Is there anyway your husband can return to the states if needed? Or does he need to stay in the Ukraine for court? I am so worried about his asthma. I am an RN...I mentioned to my husband who is a Dr that your husband was having a hard time with his asthma and that his inhaler got "pocket pressed empty" or whatever happened and he bought one over the counter in the Ukraine and how inexpensive it was.

    my husband said it was so cheap because they do not remove the flourocarbons in the inhalers there like the FDA requires in the states. Flourocarbons can make asthma worse...and was deemed harmful for the ozone etc. After a tiny bit of research on the internet I think that may indeed be true. Looks like online at least they sell "rescue" epinephrine inhalers from Ukraine instead of Albuterol.

    I dont write this to worry's just that it is 4am here and I can't sleep..12 week old baby(who is #4 adopted):) has something to do with that...I decided to use the time to pray for your family and I kept feeling it laid on my heart to write you. Not sure if this is any help...just FYI...

    I am so praying for you Christine and DH. It's crazy to only know of someone through a blog yet I care very much about the welfare of your family. God Bless. May you go to court soon.


  7. Hi!The boys are so cute.Pat

  8. Thanks so much for visiting that isolated orphanage - it looks a LOT like the internat my eldest cousin was in for a few months prior to coming home - are its initials C.Y.?? And is it in a village on the outskirts of a much larger industrial city?? I have prayed for the children who were in my cousin's groupa ever since she and her sister joined our family six years ago. Her classmates would be about 14 far, I have not learned of any of them being adopted. Their internat was rarely visited, has only one or two brief online mentions, and could have used a lot of assistance of all kinds when my cousin was there.

    Your new little boys are precious! Love the newest photos.

    I will keep Sasha and his siblings in my prayers - he sounds like a remarkable young man with a lot of determination and courage, both of which will serve him well.

    Hope John gets some relief soon...extra caffeine can help a bit sometimes, according to a friend who has asthma.

    Best wishes to you all,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE


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