Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Early for Me

Good morning.  Or good night depending where you are.  This past Saturday was my birthday.  I'm 37.  Rachel and John made it the best birthday possible considering we are away from the rest of our family.  I woke up to coffee in bed and a foot massage.  Rachel got me my favorite coffee and ice-cream.  She gave me a very nice pedicure. 

We went out to pizza for dinner with another adoptive couple who had just came in on the train.  It was so nice conversing them.  They can't wait to meet their little girl!

The visit with our boys went great!  I was concerned that our Big Boy might want to go back to his groupa early, but we were armed with good ol' pretzel sticks!  And I found some Roshen candy hidden in one of the ball pits left over from Children's Day.  Jackpot!

Little One is nothing short of amazing.  He gives me so much eye contact and likes to imitate whatever I do with my tongue.  I stick it out.  He sticks it out.  I give raspberrries.  He gives raspberries.  It is very cute.  It might have been accidental, but when Rachel went to take him one time, he shook his head no.  It made this Mama's heart soar.

As you may remember, my laptop crashed.  We gave it to some friends to fix.  They gave it back to us after church yesterday.  John gave them some money to show our appreciation and before they left they tithed the whole amount.  This really lifted our spirits in a country where bribes and extortion are rampant. 

John brought home the computer and before we could enjoy it, the dumb thing crashed again.  The operating system on it was not very stable, so John met with our new friend again and hopefully we will get it back today-- with a different operating system on it.

Please, please, please pray.  We are supposed to have court tomorrow but the document we need has still not been signed.  We found this out on my birthday a few days ago, and as you can imagine it really put a damper on things. 

Thank you to everyone back home who has so wonderfully stepped up to help take care of our children.  You are part of this journey.  We could not do this without you.  You have continued to lift our spirits as we wait for this process to play out.  Hope to write soon with some wonderful news!

Remember, trust in the Lord with all your heart.


  1. I've been praying for June 12th and your court date. I'm so sorry that you have this hold up about the paper not being signed. We know that God is in control of the timing of this, but the waiting is not fun. But He wants us to wait, knowing that He has everything under control. I'm praying for peace of mind for all of you, and for the person involved to pick up a pen and write his/her name.

  2. HAPPY BIRHDAY CHRISTINE!!! I will be praying today that that document comes signed and things can get moving more quickly...

    IN the meantime again let me just say your boys are adorable and I can already tell lil one is going to have a SLEW of big sisters drooling all over him...and I can see big one already playing with Alex and Dennis!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Praying The document gets signed and your court hearing goes off without a hitch! Almost there!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    Sorry you had to miss Sveta's birthday. I am praying for your family. I know your husband has to return to the States sooner rather than later. After court do you get to come home? Or is there a period of additional time in the Ukraine?

    I pray for patience. I know it is VERY hard waiting for adoption paperwork to go I ever. Again, I am not sure I would fare well in another country waiting. The States were hard enough!

    hang in there!


  5. Happy Birthday! I have been praying for your family. Love the photos of your boys!

  6. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!! So sorry things are being held up. It is so frustrating. This is what it was like when we adopted Marissa in Guatemala. We had no idea how long we would end up there. Luckily for us it was a little less than one month, but long time to be away from home.

  7. Tuesday... hmmm... court date?
    I can't wait to see the Big Boy and Dennis together. They are similar age and will be best friends forever. I hope ;)

  8. Happy belated Birthday! I'm hoping to hear some good new this morning....

  9. Hi! Happy birthday.What a wonderful birthday gift to have two new additions to your family. Pat


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