Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Praising the Lord!

Thank you for praying.
We set out to accomplish something that our translator and coordinator had not done before.  Getting 1 birth certificate in 1 day was challenging enough-- but 2?
Let's just say they were cautiously optimistic.
We went to the birth city that we were not sure about, and in the end they gave it to us!
Same with the second city!
We have 2 new birth certificates for the boys which means we will be catching that train tomorrow!
That is of course if we get the passports, but she is pretty confident that we will so I am trusting her judgement.
Thank you again!  For praying our family home.  Each step bring a little closer to being united with our family.

As for Sasha-- thank you so much!
What a blessing you all have been.
Since the whole Chip In didn't work that well, I am going to post all donations with first names.
The money that has been donated will bless him through out the rest of summer.

Danielle $15
Marco $20
Tharen $10
Lauren $15
Chelsea $15
Christine $75
James $35
Janelle $20
Agnes $10
Kathleen $150
Alexander $20
Janine $5
Ekaterina $30
 For a total of $404.67 after Paypal costs.

Wow oh wow!  No matter how big or small the love offering, you guys acted quickly to bless Sasha in a way he has never been blessed before.  Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ for this young man who is learning what love is despite not having a family.
Well actually, I think we all are his family.

If you would like to email Sasha, please let me know.  I am sure he would love the encouraging words.
As to us adopting him, he is legally too old and he has 2 siblings here that he desires to maintain a relationship with.


  1. Christine,
    Praise the LORD!!!!!! I knew this woukd work out! Wow..I can't wait to hear when you are home!!!!! I have to say I am so frustrated...Chip in wouldn't take my credit card.....I was hoping it too MY $150 donation....i was hoping a delay in my card. Thanks for posting first names so I know mine did not work. I then tried to give to the "Reed boys" fund...Again..it says it won't take any of our credit cards. We don't use Pay pal...just trying to pay with credit card..maybe I am missing something???

    If there is any other way to get $$ to you or Sasha that would be great. I would love to email Sasha. To encourage him with his walk with Christ and let him know he is loved and prayed for by many.

    I am so happy for you. Every day Brad and I would say "can you imagine..even imagine being in the Ukraine for an unknown length of time"...every time we waited for ICPC in the states we went nutty...just waiting for a call to say "ok go home now"...today we have our 4/6 Social work visits since bringing home baby boy from MO....I am waiting for finalization so we can get that birth certificate. I would be interested if there is any post placement visits. I imagine so. But maybe not??

    Be safe traveling! God Bless! You and Rachel need a spa day..lol...I hope John asthma is doing better. Prayers!!! my email is userdv4264@aol.com. I would love to give you a donation and also Sasha...


  2. Christine, I know a lady who was in a similar situation... She had a maternal type relationship with a oung boy from Sasha's country, and with a similar background to him. He was also too old to be adopted. She managed to bring him to the USA under some form of sponsorship (I'm not clear exactly how, seeing as I'm from the UK myself :P) and he is still there. I could put you in touch with her, she could have useful advice, or the young man could maybe communicate with Sasha? he would make a great role model! Let me know...

    Anna (An Go at facebook)

  3. Praise God! I was very glad to read that you received both birth certificate in the same day! I pray the rest of the process goes smoothly and you are all in the arms of the rest of your family very soon!

  4. Totally AWESOME! Hurry home so we can see more photos and videos of the kids meeting their new siblings!

  5. I didn't have a chance to donate since I have not been paid yet, but I would really like to email him as he reminds me so much of my friend who was adopted from Ukraine at 15.

    My email is Thislovethishate@hotmail.com

    Thank you.

    Oh and good luck on getting the passports!!

  6. Is there a way to set up monthly donations for Sasha? Maybe smaller amounts, that you could handle, give it to him monthly or when he has a greater need?

  7. Is there any fear that someone will "rob" or take advantage of Sasha if they find out he is getting this kind of help? Praying for his safety.

  8. Hello... If Sasha is to old to be adopted why not have him come live with you for a better life? He can still be in touch with his sibling! He is still so young and needs guidence. Just a thought.

    S. Michelle in NY

  9. Praise the Lord for those birth certificates!

  10. I am so happy that things are going so well! You're going home. Rachel will not die of boredom, and, frankly, I'm surprised she made it this long!!

    I totally agree with Anonymous Liz that you two really need a spa day!

    I will be praying for all of you, and can't wait for you to be home!

  11. Green River Community College might be a good idea for Sasha, and any older siblings he may have. (I am guessing they are older or he would still be adoptable right?) They have high school completion and ESL courses, not to mention regular courses. Plus, there is on campus housing or host families available. And he'd be a short plane ride away from you guys! With so many people wanting to bless him maybe we could raise enough to fund his tuition.... and if this could work for him, it could open the doors for us to start helping even more aging out orphans in this way! I think the biggest issue would be with him under 18 is there someone responsible for him or is he legally an adult there?

  12. Yay! Praise the Lord. This is exciting news. Prayers for smooth and safe travel home. I'm looking forward to more pictures of those cute, precious boys.

  13. YAYYY!! So glad it worked out!!!

  14. Go, go, go God!!! So glad He is working the situation out! I am also loving the giving spirit of all those reading your blog. Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back. Talked with Laurel yesterday can't wait to hear more! Our papers got to USCIS...we're moving along!

  15. Christine,
    Praise God!!! So happy to hear news of the passports. It won't be long and you'll be home, sweet home.
    What a journey this has been. I'm so glad Rachel has been there with through the whole trip to keep you company. This is a great experience for her to see firsthand what you went through for each of them.
    Can't wait till you're all safely home.
    God bless you,

  16. It is Wednesday night in the US - I hope you have been quiet today because you were traveling on a train to Kiev (I think is where you are going!) and making preparations to fly home! I hope and pray!!!


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