Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 31

First things first.
Happy birthday love of my life!
Though I can't be there in person, I am in spirit.
I hope your day is one great big blessing!  I know the kids will do something special for you, and we'll do our thing once Rachel and I and the boys are back home.

We went to see the boys as usual.
I try so hard not to make the day a repeat of yesterday, but it is getting harder everyday.  Today is the 7th day of our waiting period, but it feels so much longer.
Rather than walking in our usual way with Nolan's eyes immediately fixed on us, we walked around the baby house the other way to get Oliver first.  Oliver's groupa looked like a bunch of bumble bees with many of them dressed in yellow.  All the babies had their cute, pink, bare feet showing so I figured it was going to be a hot one.  After playing with the babies for a while we took Oliver to go find Nolan.     Like always, he spotted us immediately.  He smiled and waved as we walked over to him.  

I've noticed that Nolan is making more eye contact with me especially when I am providing him with food or drink.  He wanted his usual sippy cup filled with water but this time he offered Oliver a drink.  What a pleasant surprise.  And Oliver drank a little bit too. . .  another pleasant surprise.  I was hesitant after feeding him a little piece of crumbly cookie the other day and watching him gag.  I'm not sure Oliver has ever had solid foods.

 Nolan is definitely getting used to us and shows many signs of actually preferring us over the caretakers but I can tell he is taking advantage of the current situation.  When he is with us he has the freedom to roam.  When he is with his group he is supposed to stay within certain boundaries.  He likes it best when we are close to his group so he has the best of both worlds.  He will wander off looking back to see who is going to chase after him-- us or the caretakers.  
He enjoys not only the snacks that we bring but the snacks that are served to the kids.  That little stinker is pretty darn smart I tell you.

Today Rachel went with me to take Oliver back to his group to eat.  As the babies were changed into pajamas I sat on the floor and played with the babies.  It didn't take long for me to be scolded though.  One caretaker insisted I go and wash my hands if I wanted to feed Oliver, probably because I touched the floor when I got up.  In the wash room it was interesting to see that not only did each of the babies have their own towel with a hook labeled with their name, but each of the caretakers had their own towel with their names.  Pretty sanitary if you ask me.   Strange being they allow the babies to steal each other pacifiers to pop in their mouth, and they share diapers.  It was very entertaining to watch two little boys keep taking the same pacifier from each other's mouths over and over.  One would pull the pacifier out of the other's mouth and pop it in his own mouth to get a few good sucks until the other one would steal it right back.  This went on 3 or 4 times and was absolutely adorable.    

Not only did I get to feed Oliver but Rachel got to feed one of the babies too.  I'm sure she enjoyed it very much.  After, I gave Oliver a toy to play with. . . a little, white, squishy, plastic giraffe.  He chewed and played with that thing for a long time, so much that I am very tempted to offer 30 grivna for it on the trip home, or even worse, slip it in my purse. 

I know. . .  what a horrible thought but it would probably cross your mind too if you saw how much he enjoyed it and up till now had never shown much interest in any other toy.  Here's to hoping they realize the sentimental value of Oliver having something familiar for the trip home.

I stopped to use the bathroom on the way out and passed the laundry room.  There are actually 2 big dryers and a lady who was ironing the kids' t-shirts.  How wild is that?

We rode shotgun again on the very same marshootka as yesterday.  Definitely our preferred method of transportation.  We made a quick detour over to the open market to get some fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.  We saw the same ol' babooshka selling bags and stopped to buy one.  She remembered us.  And after I paid her she gave us both big hugs and kisses.  :)

On Sunday we will attend a third church with the missionary family we spent the night with last week.  We are both looking forward to this.   Monday is Oliver's birthday and the last day of our 10 day wait!    We will of course sing him happy birthday and celebrate with him-- but not with a cake I don't think.  For some reason, I want to celebrate with him once we are home.  I want him to enjoy his very first bite of birthday cake surrounded by his whole family.  If he is going to gag let him do it in the comfort of his new home.
On this day we will take the boys to get their passport photos.  Then on Tuesday we will hit the ground running to pick up the court decree and try and get both birth certificates.  Please pray that we will be successful.

Lastly, thank you so much for the outpouring of generous and loving support.  This journey has been full of so many surprises and we are blessed that you have walked along side us the whole time.   I still do not know what next week will bring, but we certainly have less to worry about now.  Thank you again!  And bless you!


  1. Hi There!
    I just found your blog while cruising around for other families who are currently adopting from UA. My husband and I just began the process of bringing two little girls home from eastern Ukraine - we're hoping to travel sometime in the winter. Thanks so much for sharing your story - it's so helpful to us! Can't wait to read about how your boys adjust to being home! Safe travels!

  2. Glad to hear that your spirits are up. :)

  3. Happy birthday, Love of Christine's Life! I'm keeping you in my prayers and hope that the next few days go quickly. I know that once your boys are with you, things will get lively.

  4. Happy Birthday John! Praying for you Christine that you wait will be over and you get the birth certificates next week. I remember how difficult that wait was. You will be home enjoying your new little ones and the rest of your family before you know it! Thanks for posting and keeping us up to date with what is going on.

  5. Happy Birthsday, John! Almost there, Christine. Keep on keeping on. The boys are so worth it. Can't wait to see them with their bros and sisters! Keep us posted as your journey finishes and begins.....

  6. Please don't steal from an ORPHANAGE. Buy Oliver a new toy and give it to him now so that he can get use to it. Think about it...

  7. Hi!Maybe the orphanage will give you something to take with you when you leave.Just ask. Pat

  8. LOL...ANONYMOUS...its a plastic giraffe! GEEZ! Its not like she was saying she was going to slip something valuable in her purse...!!

    And I was going to go the OTHER WAY....TAKE. THE. GIRAFFE. Having travelled on MANY transatlantic flights with small kids, I know what it is like...if something works, STICK to it!!!....Perhaps you can do a trade...Offer them a new toy in exchange for the giraffe....I think that would go over well...

    As fro your homesickness I hear ya..KNow soon enough you will be home with the brood and the new normal will begin...


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