Monday, June 4, 2012

Life Here In Ukraine

There is an old hammer and sickle symbol right near our bus stop by the baby house.
When Rachel and I walked through the grocery store, we decided to pick out something new.
I got these white chocolate dipped "fingers" that are like cheeto puffs minus the cheese.
Rachel got some pretty orange candy slices.
We both think that we might be done trying new things.
Our apartment is right behind those trees.  The little shop you see is a chain of snack shops that sells all kinds of stuffed blini. After trying a few different kinds, Rachel and I are convinced that the only good one is the strawberry and chocolate.
She wanted to try the refreshing strawberry icee drink on the menu.  Let's just say it looks nothing like the picture.
Here is our Little One today.  Cute as a button! I sure look forward to his smile when we go into his room to get him.
He is such a content baby.  We have not heard him cry yet.  We did see him grimace like he was about to cry when Rachel bent his leg back accidentally setting him on her lap, but she quickly fixed it and avoided tears from our sweet boy. 

Big Boy loves his sister Rachel.  "Me thinks he has her wrapped around his finger."
John tried the swing with our Little One.  He enjoyed it very much.  And here I thought he would be too big for a swing.  Well, funny thing.  He is big in size but developmentally a swing is perfect for him.  Oh my, do I have much to learn.
After our visit, on the walk to the bus stop, Rachel and John stopped to check out what these Babooshkas were selling.  They each picked up a one grivna snack for the ride home.
These kind of holes are all over the city.  What if you were walking at night and didn't see it?  Ouch!
Thank you for praying for John.  His asthma is doing better now that he got a new medicine/inhaler today.  However, the best thing for him is to get back home where the air is better.  Please continue to pray for our court date this Thursday.  Our documents are supposed to arrive on the train just 40 minutes before our court appointment-- cutting it very close.  After court John can take the overnight train back to Kiev to go home.
John has been looking for regular flavored chips and thought he would try these fry shaped chips that taste like a hamburger.  Believe it or not, they are really good. :)
This has become a staple for us-- fried potatoes and green onions.  It is especially yummy with melted cheese one top.
Thank you to all who offered to help out Sasha.  I am looking into different ways to help financially. We have also emailed him for ideas.  When John told him that there are other people who care about him and want to help him, he was very thankful and sort of in disbelief.  Thank you for showing Sasha the love of Christ.


  1. Hopefully Thursday works out for you guys. Try cracking some eggs on top of the potatoes and then put on the lid to the pan and they turn out like a fried egg and if you like runny eggs let the break a bit and run onto the potatoes. I am salavating just thinking about it. YUM!!! We have this once in a while for a quick supper. You new little children are just adorable.

    Marilyn in Canada

  2. Praying for court!!! What a blessing that all of us here can help bless Sasha! Thank you for sharing his needs.


  3. Oh, I have been meaning to ask....does Rachel still speak Russian?


  4. Your new little ones are adorable! So precious! Thanks for sharing your newest family adventure.

    Can you say where in Ukraine you are?

    Cheryl in ID

  5. I always enjoy reading your updates and love seeing pictures of the boys. They are SO ADORABLE! Praying for your court date this Thursday.

  6. Oh my goodness, they are PRECIOUS!!!! I cannot wait to read more and am praying for Thursday--

    ~Joy Caroline

  7. Your boys are adorable!! The sign in the first picture is the symbol representing communism!

  8. I didn't read further down but knew John was struggling with his asthma.. My DH had his asthma so bad from the air he needed pregnisone and he was able to get a script from the American Dr. in Ukraine.
    Hadn't used that drug since he was a child. Unfortunately, he didn't take a strong enough dose of it.. he was 5'11" and still took the dose as a child..needed to take a triple of that dose (can't remember the number) Anyway it did help him a lot but would have helped him more if he took the correct amount. Hope that might help. Hope his meds are working just thought I would let you know. The boys are adorable


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